Hi people!

Well, I've downloaded some songs from LP that aren't in the official discography and I've found out most of them are fakes (M2M Advance for example). But there are these songs that no matter how much I research, I can't find any reliable info abou them. See, if you know anything, could you tell me what is what here, please?

This are the songs I need help with...:

"Music - Artist - Album"

Carousel - Linkin Park - Under Attack/Splitting the DNA/Across the Line

State of the Art - Linkin Park & DJ Lethal - Mixtapes

No Roads Left - Linkin Park - B-Side

Across the Line - Linkin Park - ???


Thanks in advance



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Carousel - Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory EP)

State of the Art - DJ Lethal ft. Chester Bennington is more like it, I'm not sure if Brad or Dave had any input on it so I've always considered it to be just Chester but who knows it's very early Linkin Park-ish but it's also very grey daze sounding.

No Roads Left - Linkin Park - B-Side (correct, No Roads is a B-side durning the MTM sessions in which Chester felt Mike was better vocally for the song)

Across the Line - LPU. 9 demo song that didn't make MTM, It's heard in the MTM DVD and it's working title is called 'Tokyo', Chester and Mike jokingly talk about how it's a song about a girl named 'Donna' since lyrics had not been written for it yet and Chester was in the both singing 'Don-na-na-na-na-na-na, Don-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, Don-na-na-na-na-na-na-na'



:D you have no idea how grateful I am! Really, thanks!!



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