Old LP = HT + Meteora
New LP = MTM + ATS

which do you perfer?

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I actually don't have a preference.
HT is a good album, but I have been listening to it for 10 years and I'm kinda sick of it.
Meteora is good every now and then, once again great, listen to it more than HT but not by much.
I love Minutes to Midnight and listen to it a lot, I think Meteora's a better album but I just haven't heard MTM as much yet so it's on play more.
A Thousand Suns is the only album for me in my playlist at the moment, and I think I'm still a little too caught up in my excitement over it to rate it among the other albums.

I don't categorise the music as "old" and "new", just rank them in order of preference and listening ability. As I do with all music. :D
It doesnt really matter what "we" want. LP have said they are not going back to the old sound. They've matured and moved on, and so should we. I think what we all need to keep in mind is, is that when lp wrote ht they were very young, now they are all in their 30's or so and theyve grown up. i for one love the new direction and new sound. i love the old lp too, but as lp moves on, i move with them
HT + Met

MTM+ATS are decent but do not compare to their first two albums.

Reanimation is awesome too.
I looove the old LP! HT and Meteora are the Best! I don't get bored to listen them!
I love each CD's they've made. Actually LP was the first band I listened and guess what still they are the best band I've listened...
Which I prefer. I got all in my phone =)
Both rocks ...
Neither I want the next LP

I love Hybrid and Meteora.. they are the best music I've ever heard and unlike other albums every song has you dancing. Minutes to Midnight and 1k Suns don't really as much for me as the originals, but after the concert in melbourne I'm listening to them heaps.


Still, every song has a story behind it, so you need to understand the song before you can choose your preference, which is something I still need to do with ats

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