Here you can talk about your own band, post your songs, and other things like that. I don't have a band, necesarilly, but my friend and I have been getting together to write songs and I am currently trying to create my own virtual band, sort of like Damon Albarn's Gorillaz, and my brother and I are working on a comedy music project. Anyway, enough about me. Enjoy!

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Me and my friend formed a two person band a while back and recently did a cover of LP's A Place For My Head with And One thrown on at the end. We did for fun, and really because Linkin Park has been an inspiration to us over the years. So check it out! :)Pride of Place - A Place For My Head/And One [Cover]

My band:

We will have some demo tracks online soon.

Hey guys what's up ? We are 3 weirdos from eastern europe and we're trying to make good music.Plase take a look :




These boards have died...I remember back in 2007 that these were much more active. Anyways

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