love linkin park 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!

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My favorite song of LP is In the End. It helps me to go my troubles through and not to take to heart all bad things because in the end it doesn't even matter...
very hard to choose.. :) i think "easier to run" is a great song.. "valentine's day" is amazing too...
the last song that makes me cry was "not alone".. soo sad with this angelvoice.. that was too much for me and i cried cried cried :)
My favourite song has got to be "New Divide". I first heard this song when I watched Transformers 2 and then heard the full song at the end of the film and in my opinion is the greatest song ever made!
My favorite song is One Step Closer, this song is awesome!!!
well, thos is difficult o_O
I love all the songs :D
I have knonw LP with Numb and I love that song but my favourite maybe is No more sorrow because the letter and the amasing rithm :D
I love LP more than I love me ^^
It's defo It's Easier to Run...I can really familiarize myself with the song. Sometimes it's easier to run...
My favorite Linkin Park song would be One Step Closer since that was the first song I heard from them when I was 6 and the music video was the one that got me starting drawing on walls and wooden sofas :))
Are you kidding? It's hard to settle on one song. But I have a few staples, so... here I go!

My main songs are Somewhere I Belong, Easier To Run, Given Up, and Numb because I relate to them so well. I also like One Step Closer and Faint because, well, the music is just so damn awesome! Especially One Step Closer, 'cause Chester's all like, "SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!" That song is great for when you're pissed off.

And finally, Bleed It Out because.... I don't know. I really have no idea why I like this song so much. I just think it's epic.

(Eh heh heh... I just noticed I posted twice. ._. Just had to delete the other one.)
Same for me here. I started to like Linkin Park since I first heart "numb" and specially I love it's encore version, so many memories come to me when I hear it :)

AnaCris Bennoda said:
I like all songs.. but i like more NUMB... because I identify with that song. When I listen I feel that talking about my life. Sometimes I tend to cry a little when I hear.... I love that song and all songs of LP... I never tire of listend to them!!
Love all songs! Then more you listen, then more you love it! But when I here With You I can't be indifferent! So this is my favourite song, cant imagine day without it!
its really hard to say that which is my fav. song.cuz i like all the songs of LP bcuz in each song i find something new and i luv it.but if u want to know my fav. song then its NUMB cuz i've experienced that kinda feeling.
Its really hard to choose but Pushing Me Away from the Album Road to Revolution is Amazing Chesters voice it perfect for that song and the style but A Place For My Head from Live In incredibly incredible...



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