Hey guys, I need your pictures with or without LP merchandise now! :)

This is a simple way to support the LP female merchandise project. Send 1-2 or 15 pictures of yourself and maybe other people (who allow you to) to lpfemalemerch@gmail.com as soon as possible.

And if you really want to help out share this and tell even more people ;)

With all those photos I am going to make a T-shirt design, but since it is a secret, I cannot tell you what it is going to look like :/ sorry :D

If even sharing your photo with me is not enough you might want to check out the following page:

and join our Facebook page for all the people, who are taking part on the LP Female Merch Project!

Thank you very much for your support!!!
- Rossi :)

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Thank you very much, guys!! :)

Can you take a photo of yourself holding this? :)


so this is me hahahaa

thanks :)

lol :D

thx, cold you tell me your full name :)



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