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It's my kitty and I absolutely adore her (such a fantastic energy ball):)! Called "Susanna"

they are so cute great pics good quality

awww thank you!:)

was gonna put up funny pic of my cat but cant find disc not on new laptop

definitely upload in here, when you find

and this in my other kitty (who i also absolutely adore) called "Mustafar"

will do my cat is always doing mental stuff.she used to jump up and open doors herself. one day the inner door was locked so she just hung onto handle i was peeing my self with laughter.

she'd always drink from the bath tap when running she wouldn't use her bowl. after one day dad was running bath, when he went to get something the cat opened bathroom door and didnt look and jumped in bath for drink she got such a fright so she just started to sit on sink and wait for u to run tap i took pic first time i caught her doing that thought was so funny

My cat is very good at opening bathroom¨s door.

lol funny pic of your other cat looks like mine but mine is long haired fuzzball haha

he loves to break herbs arrrrghhh

lol so cute both of them


sound like a lion!haha~



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