I think if there is any good, cute, precious like own life in this world then that will be friend. it's a beautiful gift given by God. it's said that a friend in need is the friend is deed. everyone can't be our true friend.; but the friend who never see his/her schedule when we need him/her, who sees our first drop of tear, catches the second, stops the third and turns the fourth into a smile is the true friend undoubtedly.


               Besides, do you know the full form of FRIENDSHIP?

it's like,            












                   you know there is a beautiful quote," Good friends are hard to choose, they even hard to loose. In time of trouble, don't say,"hey friend i have a problem." Always say," hey problem i have a friend."

             Now my all friends, give your own outlook quickly!                                                                  

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A friend that is unique
A friend that is one of a kind
A friend that is perfect
A type of friend who is hard to find
A friend that is sweet
A friend that is perpetually fair
A friend that you know
Will always be there
A friend with an amazing spirit
A friend with a striking heart
A friend that is trustworthy
A friend that is smart
A friend that assuages your pain
A friend that can dry your tears
A friend with unrestricted love
A friend that can alleviate your fears
A friend with an exquisite smile
That could never be ignored
A friend that’s never been hurtful
A friend that is easily adored
A friend that is respectful
A friend who is loved by all
A friend that is relied upon
A friend to never let fall
A friend you can talk to......

You make a good point there.

There is also a qoute that says; Friends are like stars, you dont always se them, but you know there always there.

yes. so tho we frndz r so apart from each other stil we cn feel ech odr ryt?????
He has to like Linkin Park.

A ''FRIEND' pushes you over the cliff


A TRUE FRIEND holds your hand and says "What are we waiting on, let's go!"




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