What was your favorite song on Minutes to Midnight and why?

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My favorite song was probably Shadow of the Day. Just because it was a slow song and it sounded like something I would want to slow dance with someone to. :) <3
I can't choose! I love them all! XD I can never choose any Linkin Park song for a favorite because they're all tied!
for me it's No More Sorrow because this song is against G.W. Bush
Well...I have 3 favorites....I love "In Pieces" "Valentine's Day" and "The Little Things Give You Away" because of how much those songs reflect my life. One song for inspiration, one for self-loathing and one for everyone who was my friend at one point and ended up not wanting to be my friend anymore :p

my favourite , well i love the whole album but in pieces, no more sorrow  meant alot to me and no more sorrow helped me alot to pass some of my hard times. i also love hands held high cz i'm from iraq and what i've done

ok let me stop i listen to the whole album evey day so the album is just great

i love your comment , good saying

Florian Popp said:
for me it's No More Sorrow because this song is against G.W. Bush

What I've Done And Shadow Of The Day...!!!


Hands Held High <3

i cant choose...i'd say all of them cuz any music of linkin parks is the best!


i love hands held high because it talks about the iraq war and how that idiot Bush sent thousands of our men over there for no reason       

                                              LINKIN PARK FTW!!!!! <33




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