Hm,, I just want to share my feeling, and my opinion.
I'm Shareena frm Indonesia,
I'm really love LP, but in my region its to hard to get all about LP merchandise,but dat's not a problem.
I've the lead song of ATS " The Catalyst". Dat's a great revolution from LP. But I still miss the old song like In THe End or Somewhere I Belong. Because I haven't found the Rebel soul frm this song. And I think Rebellious is a word that make me and LP as a Unity. But Whatever dat's Happen, I'm still an LP fan FOREVER!!!!!!!!KEEP LP.guys!
                                       *In The End ,It doesn't even matter* :)))))))))))))))))))))))

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Yeah, I definitely agree. The old Linkin Park sound was what made me fall in love with them and no matter how good their new stuff is, my sentimental love for Hybrid Theory and Meteora will always be greater.

I cried through every old song when they came here to Adelaide, Australia.

I'm so uncool........



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