guys!!!!!!!!........chester i a good man...I dont wanna argue abt that.....but he had divorced his first wife samantha.u know!!!......wat could be the reason????...he did'nt think abt his little draven...

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it's the only thing that idk abt chaz._ _
Idk either, but look at how happy Chester is now! He deserves to be happy and if Tilanda makes him happy then that's all that matters. And Tilanda is probably really nice and in the pictures of Chester, Tilanda and their kids they look like their doing great! That's just what I think though.
addressed to the guy who started this discussion----
look, whatever Chester does in his personal life is is HIS business not yours...
whatever he's none of ur buisnes is not our buissnes............respect it.


I agree that the question of the reasons for Chester's second marriage, it is not ourbusiness but comparing his current wife to the former, I am struck by the lack of personalities inTilanda.

Reading her speech I have the impression that she does not have her own opinion: everything she says is as if repeated for Chester, worse even admitted that she is no sense of style and she is guided by what tells Chester.

Even assuming that combine their interest in music (which is normal), you can not imagine another person who has 100% the same interests and tastes as you!

Someone who is trying to tell me something like that is a person who wants only gain my sympathy, and his purity of intentions leaves much to be desired.

Samantha seems to me, was more honest and therefore I feel more sympathy to her (though I do not like her hedonistic lifestyle). Nor should we forget that she married Chester when he was not yet well-known musician.

Selection of submissive Tilanda, as the wife, seems to be a certain antidote to the dominant Samantha.

but we dont know them personally so..i think we should change the topic;) pzdr z Polski:)

Anything Chester does is His own personal problems...we can't change his desicions for him so its best to leave him where he's happy
Idk... But its not like its my business or anything. Its probably best we dont know anyways. :)



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