What do you guys think about the different side of Chester in Dead by Sunrise?In LP he had a lot of anger to show,now there are other emotions shown as well - like love.Is that ok for a rock star?

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You are right ... Chaz has a lot to give! But I would prefer that he might give these emotions only with Linkin because the rest of the group of DBS worries me ... I'm not saying that Chaz should not even express the emotions, the feelings that he puts in the songs of DBS, I'd say only that he did with Linkin or always with other people or not with DBS
IMO, Chester can do whatever song he wants to. He wrote "Give Me Your Name" for Talinda, and I think that's really sweet of him. Just shows how much he loves her.

Rock stars are people too, Rocket V.

DBS is awesome. I like the CD a lot.
Totally agree!I love DBS music and the fact that it`s different than LP!!
Just wantd to know what others think too,that`s why I started this discussion.Thank for your oppinion!
I love both style of music of LP and of DBS and I agree with Chmikster Hahn 5 , Chester can sing wathever he wants with which bands he wants! The thing is that maybe he has more opportunities to express himself with DBS than with LP since "out of ashes" is kind like his "single" album ...
Well...Chester is a very big star and he has to show so many things...I like Dead and Linkin too...Chester cans sing in every band...His voice gives a bit in bands which he takes part...He is the soul of them but i think that his side in Dead by sunrise is little less good for me...I prefer him in Linkin...I dont say that he is not good in Dead but he is not as good as in Linkin...But without doubt Ches is the best singer in the rock scene and i guess that he's one of the best singers in the world...LP is the best thing in the music industry...This band knows how to entertain the crowd...I love that...I love LP...I love Chester...I like very much Dead by sunrise but i think that in Linkin Chester is better...:D The only point is that Chester is simply THE BEST of all...<3
I like both bands... Chester sings very well in both DBS and in LP... I love him!! DBS´s songs are amazing! It is true that some songs are different Lp style, but i like too. Chester is the best singer in the world!!
Chester has the Best voice in the world so he can sing whatever he wants! IMO, I love the band DBS but LP will just always be my favorite because it seems more Chesterish. Don't ask my what that means cause it's hard to explain. lolz!

nice songs in DBS:) listening both. :*

When Linkin Park first came out they were all younger and more livelier then. Now their settling down and trying to express things in a different way. Ik i liked Chester better in Linkin Park but I love DBS also...And yea ik tht he's so much more different but i like how he's changed in his way of showing the world his feelings and i love that about LP and DBS

Hmmmm.....Difficult,I think LP :)



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