I'm from sk regina, but if theres a concert in edmonton ill fly there just to see it.

So yeaaaaaaaaaaaa and why can't i find many i only see toronto quebec and thats it WTF!!! GRRRR I've been a fan since i was 11 or something I'm 22 I want to see a show before i die.

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seriously if i was told i was gonna die in a week Id be like this is my final wish
dude i live there too!
Are you a dude? cuz im a chick... ok we got 2 lp fans known in regina closest concert is toronto... hmmm need to go to miami too one close by there as well.... what to do what to do... there a show there and there.... need to plan out things.....

Taylor said:
dude i live there too!
I have to agree with you, I would love for a concert to be on the praires. I know some big fans up here, that would literally die to have a show here. Come too Saskatoon, Regina. either or it would be sick and worth it.



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