itd be nice to see them somewhere other than major citys but that will never happen as bands are only interested in money and not the fans in my opinion but maybe just maybe they would some day come to my city so i can for once enjoy their symphony's in person linkin park owns fuck yea



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and/or in ottawa

Seriously, you can't travel the hour and a half to TO, what kind of fan are you. I live up north and would gladly travel the 5 hours to TO or Ottawa. Hell, I am debating on going to some of the shows in the states about 10-15 hours away. Glad to see you have a good grasp on how much it actually costs to travel across the country with a massive set up like major bands travel with. Playing a small venue wouldn't even cover the costs, I would love to see them play Sudbury but it's just not big enough, and it has 40,000 more people than Peterborough. Look at the people out west, they are willing to travel out of province just to see them, I have to drive an hour and a half just to get to decent shopping



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