when did you guys hear about Linkin Park? and how.

for me personally i was a fob from india until one of my friends told me to check out this DBZ vid. i really like the song that was playing in the back....and i found out that it was actually FAINT BY LINKIN PARK. i swear it was love at first hear..........and they've been my fav band ever since...they inspired me to get into music and be a better person. mike shinoda is also one of the greatest people in the world's history.

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I first heard Linkin Park on the radio then I was like wow this song is amazing but the people on the radio didn't say who it was by or what song it was, so i searched up some of the lyrics on youtube and finally found out that it was in the end by linkin park, and I've loved them ever sinces. this was a 1 1/2 years ago, so I was 12.
every day :D!
I started to like them 2 years ago when my brother bought the Live from Milton Keynes C.D..I started listening to them and they were a pretty good band,but I liked other bands more.Then at the end of my grade nine exam of last year my Mom died,on the same day,and I was losing everybody I cared about.I was going to end it all,then I listened to their songs again.I bought Meteora and Minutes to Midnight and listened to every song,and I fell in love with this band.The songs I listened to first were In Pieces,Valentine's Day,Shadow Of The Day,Numb and Easier To Run..I felt like they were speaking to me,and when I realized that there were other people like me.Now I have new friends that actually care about me,and I have fallen in love.I'm also trying to find the rest of LP's c.ds so I can finish my collection...Linkin Park saved my life,they are the best band ever <3



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