•     I've been a fan for years and I've never heard of any special remedy he uses for his voice. I think he's just gifted in that regard. Once , he was sick at the concert also ; but he sounded amazing anyway. So I think his vocal cords are just stronger or something.                                                                                                                          If he actually did train his voice since he was a kid, his cords are probably stronger just because he's been doing it so long.After all he's a great screamer!! & singer too!!


h@ts off !! to Mr. Chez for his talent..!!







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Have u friends heard the song "rollin' in the deep" by LP..!!??

in iTunes festival!
yes i have heart it and he is amazing in this song...he has magical voice

I think he is a most amazing singer, very gifted to be able to scream so amazingly as well as sing so beautifully and melodically in the softer parts of songs, as well as singing more roughly or strongly whenever needed - he has great vocal control and knows how to scream so he doesn't wreck his voice! Great talent, probably worked hard to figure it out (but never know, it may have just come naturally ;) ).





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