On the grounds of body art being a massive major issue and topic chester is fanatical about. not only that but chester's tattoos are a major part of who he is and what is personal to him. this proves that this tattoo section is a very important issue therefore should be regonised as so chez fan.!

If that's the case, simply state that the tattoos mean a lot to him-said in the article.


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Hi Anurag :) How are you going?

lif's awesome here...btw ..how r u??

Aaralyn D said:

Hi Anurag :) How are you going?

Glad life's awesome there for you! Here it is pretty good too - I went to an ocean beach on the weekend with two friends and had a fun time, and the weather today is quite temperate, rather than very hot, which is a lovely change. Also, I am very well, which is lovely after over 2 months of nasty sickness. :) :) :) :) I hope this year is a really lovely one for you :) :) :) Aaralyn

his tattoos is the 2nd best thing about him



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