I just start this discussion to talk about the many different haircuts from Chester.


So what do you think about it? Which one is youtr favorite?

Post a picture of it and let's see it ;)


So have fun!

I like this...:)


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the best :)

Oh yeah, that's great! :D

Here another one. I think he should make it in blond again :)


Monika Vardhan said:

the best :)

oh it's hard to choose! I love him with any haircut! Well, if I have to choose:



@Sara B: I know, it's difficult to choose. He looks good with every hairstyle ;)
I love these :D......in fact i love every hair style he's had XD

...another good one...

Excuse me, but in my opinion the discussion about Chester's hairstyle  lowers its rank as a musician, because it puts him on par with Justin Bieber.

Chester has a wonderful voice and a remarkable ability to interpret text. Someone like he can not be judged by appearance.

I believe that Chester's frequent changes of hair damaged LP, because it is caused to their  less visibility. Other frontmen stick to a particular image, which  the person who are not big fans of their group,facilitates the diagnosis. This is largely due to the high stability of the image, that even people not very interested in music can recognize: Bono, Ozzy Osbourne,Bon Jovi etc. I think it helps to promote both the frontmen and their own group  .

hey cool down Peggy. I know what you mean, but it's just fun - why so serious?;)


the LP colleagues   have already entered a phase of mature masculinity, and  probably want to treat them a bit more seriously than teen idol: Justin Bieber?

Slyce said:

hey cool down Peggy. I know what you mean, but it's just fun - why so serious?;)


I think he looks good in all the hairstyles he has had, he looks hot. I think the best quality he has is hes voice what does everybody think?
yepp, you're all right :)

I like this one:)




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