everyones opinions different, but what bout u? who do u prefer, mike shinoda or chester bennington? and why?

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Both. I can not choose between them. They are the best guys in the world. They are so talented, positive, beautiful.)))))
I too agree........they both are awesome. Best guyss
Both. All the band members are epic so there's no need for favoritism. If there was than only that member would be epic. But that's not the case.
Well, I love Chester for me he is very cool, like his voice.
 But Mike is the love of my life, for me he is the best, most perfect
 Anyway ... Michael Kenji Shinoda is all good!
Chester! <3 <3 <3 he's the best singer in the world! He's handsome, sexy, his voice is angelic, he's funny, I love him!!! I love Mike too, but Chester is my favourite

Both. The two are part of Linkin Park would not be fun if one would leave, I can't imagine it.


BOTH! i love them both. they are both great singers and both play huge parts in Linkin Park.
Off Course Chester!!!!!!Mike Is A Rapper And Chester Is The Lead Vocalist!!!!!His Voice And Gestures On Stage Are Just Amazing!!!!!!!!!
Both Chester and Mike are wonderful, amazing, creative, funny, positive and very talented guys! - Not to mention Mike and Chester working/making music together; no one can stop, overcome or beat them!  But personally, Chester is my favorite. He's been my role model since I was 9 years old, and he still is. =)

Why? Because even though Chester went through and experienced many bad things during his childhood, he is this amazing man with so many different and good qualities, -(such as his utterly amazing and powerfull voice, his writing and musical skills, his kindness, generosity and of course passion for LP and all LP-fans out there, ++), at the same time as he has achieved so much. Chester and Linkin Park have had a significant impact on me and my upbringing, no doubt about that =) They really inspire me!
there is no comparision between them both.........but if u ask me particularly I go with BENNINGTON
I see it is all girls that have replied lol, yes I agree both are awesome, but I like Mikes randomness and art, and chesters humour and voice, but if I had to choose, I think it would be Mike, he's way cuter haha :)
Both are the best!!!!! both are talented! and I like Mike a lot...but Chesterrrrrrrr.....❤ I love him!!!!!!! he works very hard!!!! I think he's funny, sexy, and of course I love his voice...!!!!



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