For me, he's a lot cuter with glasses. Oh but he's still hot either ;) what about you?

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It doesn't matter how he looks like. It matters how he sings! He doesn't have to be cute or sth, he's just a GREAT vocalist and that's all.
I love him doesn't matter how he looks like :D
jajajaja .... interesting question ... His style is cool! jajajaja .. that's all ...
he is the best..he said once that he cant see even the first row of audience without no stage frieghts...but he looks pretty decent with glasses...and cool without dem too...
hhmm...I think Chester with glasses are awesome..cause I use glasses like him ..:)
seeing him with glasses makes me not feel as weird when i wear mine XD but he looks awesome with or without them :)

Com óculos ou sem ,ele é demais!!!!! very good!!!

Cuter with glasses... Hotter without ^^ So.. both is perfectly good for me ^^

Sometimes one want to see a cute Chaz.. some times a smokin' hot Chaz :P

He looks lovely either way to me - I like that pic of him with glasses very much :)
i love Chester ether way...because he's awesome!
I agree with "notgoodenoughlpfan" in all, but, I like more wearring glasses. ^_^



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