Hey everyone!!

All of you know, Chester's b-day is the next week and I've thought that we could make him a present.We could make a video with photos of all his fans wishing him happy birthday and some songs of LP.

Only I have a problem: I don't know how make the video. Could someone make it?

We have not much time. The limit date to upload the photos is the 19th March at 10 am. In this way, the person who makes the video has to upload it the 20th March.

Thanks everyone!! ^^

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When the video will be? о_О
ooh thank you!! :)
happy birthday Chester! your voice make me feel good! i love you!

Grega, you can insert an instrumental version of some song :)


Made? Сan watch? ^^

Let's wait Namy, it will tell :)

Not bad, I like :)
And what program?:)
grega pignar! Great video! Thank you pasted my picture! I hope Chester will like it!
Good job, Grega. Nice video
I like the video :)
send him a message


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