Don't you guys think even if chester shouts in most of his songs as he usually does still his voice sounds so melodious 2 our ears.......dint u all here the song messenger.....chester concludes the song with a unique rhytmic shout..............pleasur 2 hear it again and again!!!!!!!!

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i love the messenger too and i agree with you :)
I agree with you!! Chesteeer <3 <3

I totally agree with you

there's no other voice which can reach me like this

I totally agree! =)
I'm totally agree with you!!!! chester have an special voice.... i feel every song he sings a lot!!!!!!!
i agree too!!!!...he is a real singer because he can sing pretty much anything. His voice is great and it can sound very different within the same song... always awesome!!! :) i love him!!!! haha



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