I know Chester's voice sounds awesome in every song....but I wanted to know what you people think????

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Chester has the most awesome voice in the world! He the best rock singer EVER! Love his so much ♥
chester has the best voice in the world!!
it sounds older than before~not very clear now,right?
BEST voice in the world !! Chaz in love !! <3 <3 <3
I love Chesers vioce..ít´s very specific and so admirable!:))..love chester!♥
His voice is the 8 miracle of the world... And it's unusually cool in The Catalyst song... Chester is the best!
I think Chester's voice is amazing. It just has a different sound than any other voice I have heard. I love it!
hello.. he has the best voice in the world!! because he can sing softly melodies, he could also sind hardrock!! and when he screams,its like he has 5 voices inside!!! hè`s the frontman and he does the backvocals at the same time!!! do you know what i mean? hes voice is just epic!! speciel in "blackout" :-D
Chester have the most amazing voice i the world.. i love him so much!
unmatched by anyone
few people are made to sing while a handful of people are born to sing like chester



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