Hi guys! :D
I'm wondering how'd you discover Chester and Linkin Park?

My story:

When I was 8, our Music teacher gave us a homework about famous bands. I didn't know LP in those times, but my frineds in my group knew. They said to me: let's do something abt LP, when I was doing this HW, I met LP and my 1st LP song was 'In The End' I love it very much, I understood, LP is different, and the best band ever!


By the way, I fell in love Chester last year :D :D




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my story strts wen i was in STD. 8th n i ws searching sum softwares in a particular C.D n the name of C.D ws "english song",then at that time my frnd at my place n we were jst talking.sudenly he said wait n scroll up n he said "watch this vdeo its of the bestest rock band clled LINKIN-PARK" n the vdeo ws "NUMB" n frm ther i bcme d bigest fan evr of LP.
I first heard Linkin Park in the back of a friend-of-a-friend's car (they were playing Hybrid Theory album), asked them who the band was because I just loved the songs and lyrics (the songs talked about some things I felt or said things I wished I could say) and they told me Linkin Park, so I borrowed the album from the library ('cause at that stage I could only afford one album a year and my quota was already up) a fair few times.


I couldn't wait for their next album, and when Meteora came out, I bought it and played it to bits, it was just so great!!! So I loved Chester and LP right from their first album, and I'm glad they have continued :) I love both Chester's screams and singing, and love how versatile and beautiful his voice is, and am so glad he has continued to write songs that are very meaningful to me in my life - his lyrics have helped me through a lot of times, and how he puts the feeling into them with his singing and screaming - I would not have gotten through life so well without Chester - I'm so glad he has done all the things he has done with LP and Dead By Sunrise: I really appreciate everything he has put into his songs and his time with LP to date, and hope he continues for as long as he feels able and wanting to (which I hope will be a long time!!!!). :) :) :)
my brother showed me 'Faint' and i loved LP ever since
Great song! :)

Jin Kazama said:
my brother showed me 'Faint' and i loved LP ever since

i was in love with them from the beginning from their  first hit one step closer i saw the video on much music and ran out and bought the cd 

i m a head banging Rock Music Lover/Concert Groupie and a friend said man u gotta listen 2 this Cali Band with this lead singer guy from AZ their music is kickass so i did and fell in love with them! so i have been a fan from the very begining and will always be.....LP Rocks!

I believe I was just out of High School, so maybe 18 or 19 years old and saw them on MTV, back when MTV actually played music :P First song that made me fall in love with their music was In the End!

the first song i heard was what ive done *in transformers) and i remember that i couldnt get that intro melody out of my head for days. so the first thing i did was watching transformers 2. Then i heard new divide(my favorite song ever) and i just couldnt keep myself from hearing more of their songs. Till that day 13.7.2010. i have been listening to that awful pop music, but ever since then i know what the real music is, and the only thing i regret is not discovering LP before.

i was herd them on my dad cds

 The first song I heard the LP was “leace out all the rest" on our CCTV5 show "TOTAL SOCCER", at that time ,I was fall in love with him!

My cousin used to be a huge fan, she introduced me to them about 5 years ago, but i have been listening to In The End since it was first released :)

The first time I heard a Linkin Park song was on the "Billboard Top 50 Countdown" video back in March of 2010. When I got my first iPod Touch in 2010, I needed to find some new music, and so I typed in "Top 50 Songs" into the YouTube search bar. (This was back in January of 2010.) Every single weekend on Saturdays, the new top 50 video would come out, so I watched it. This gave me new ideas on what to buy on iTunes. Two months later, in March of 2010, the song "Waiting For the End" came on the Billboard Top 50 video. All I could think about at that time was how annoying that song was, how the video was stupid, didn't make sense, and how I couldn't wait for the song to get off the charts.. (At this time I was only 12 and had no idea what Linkin Park was. I also didn't pay much attention to who sang Waiting For the End.) This year (2012), my friend told me that she liked some band called Linkin Park. She kept telling me how good they were, and how she loved this one guy called Chester Bennington. So, eventually I went to look up some of their songs on iTunes. I heard "Waiting For the End" and automatically thought "I've heard this song somewhere before, but I don't remember where." I kept thinking about it, and thought I heard it on the Billboard video. So, I went onto iTunes and looked up when the album A Thousand Suns came out. I went back to YouTube and typed in "Billboard Top 50 2010." I went through all the months until I found the one song I was looking for. I knew I heard it before, and I finally found it. Two years later, the song that I thought was so annoying is one of my favorites by Linkin Park. Linkin Park is my favorite band now.



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