I want to know why YOU guys like Linkin Park. Ok so tell me! :)

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LiInkin Park are one of the most original bands I know. I love the way they want to try different things in there music and personnally A Thousand Suns is the best album yet. They also sound just as good live as they do on their albums.
I love this group becauz in all their songs I can
see the reflection of my soul, of myself, all that
LINKIN PARK creates touching depths of heart 'n' i love the way their playing instruments its co
ol n Shinodas raping and of course the vocals of
Chester , it amazing
I love them because I love Chester's voice, I love the meaning of their songs, their originality, their brave, their thoughts about music, their way of playing music, their live performances, their personalities, because I identify with their lyrics, with what they want to say,to express... because they are geniuses! They are good, nice guys, they are the best! I love them for these reasons and a lot of other reasons.
I love Linkin Park because they're different,you don't hearmany bands that include rap and normal(that's not the right word but I couldn'tthink of another) and because they always come out with great songs, great vocals and music.
Linkin Park are one of those very few bands that have actually gone through harsh and cold experiences, which defines them as a band because they sing about those experiences and make their songs pure gold
I love the edge and the hardness that Chester can reach with his voice. It' s like the ultimate expression or anger or strenght or feeling. Then on the other side you see his soft genuiness. It's the range of emotion in real life and the feelings we can all relate to through the lyrics and feeling of the music. I always loved Mike, being a big rap rock fan. So even for the haters out there, I like the latest Limp Bizkit. They took a step back toward their roots of Three Dollar Bill Y'all. I see LP trying new things in the latest album. MtM still sounds very much in their progression of music to me, but A Thousand Suns does seem like the concept album they meant it to be. I have heard rumors that a lot of sound was suggested by their producer Rob. I don't know if this is true. But either way I can appreciate the electronica and almost trance of some of the music, since I like that genre too. I am however much more pleased with the songs that really pull from their roots--Chester singing and screaming his heart out and Mike laying down rhymes that are smooth and expressing another deep and a real part of the music. I have to give the new album a chance, but I do wish they'd take at least a half step back toward their roots. No I don't expect Meteoria or Hybrid Theory, but the step to MTM was good ( although I missed hearing Mike much) and I thought Chester was a little too "ballady" on too many songs. Now I want to hear the hardness and distress of life in their words. And I want to hear the disappointment in the current lives we live. I need that edge back. Things are rough for us every day folks and I hope they are still close enough to the "real people" to feel this and help us let out our stress and dismay in their strength and hard edge of their songs. Hey, Metallica jumped the shark many years ago, so we need someone like LP to relate to us and express the truth of our times.
i like linkin park specially chester since 2001 why, i think him style to sing it s`one,
I love Linkin Park bcoz of the geat combination of mikes rapping and chesters shouting! I simply love LINKIN PARK!!!!!
Linkin Park it's a great band! I like their songs,the way they want to go as a band,all the changes in the songs and everything.When I listen to their songs I feel happy and I'm proud to be a LP fan.
I love Linkin Park. I love Linkin Park the way they are as a band(Mike,Chester,Phoenix,Brad,Joe,Rob!)
I love them because they change their style.There is no band in this world which is creative as linkin park.I like every song of them.
I love this band because those guys can combine a variety of music in just one song. I mean, it's a really special talent
that you rarely see in rockbands nowadays. I also like the meaning of their songs and all of the ''messanges'' that those songs of theirs, send to us. Those guys have a natural gift! I just wish they keep up the good job in the next years. And I hope that they will still produce wonderful music even if the music industry keeps on developing.
Keep Up The Good Job LP!
They think about the world and want to make it better. They are not like the most other people, who are blind for the things go wrong in the world. And they tell this all with the best music ever. Everyone of LP are a Soloartist himself. They are so good in doing their work. For example Mike: He can play Guitar, Piano, sing, rap, design, create the albums .... WOW! They use their Talents to fill us with their great music and emotions. Thank you guys!!!



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