I want to know why YOU guys like Linkin Park. Ok so tell me! :)

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i love linkin park because their cute like whoaaa! but the main thing is cause their voices make a great combination<3
I like their music 'cause all their songs have meaning and I listen their songs when I'm sad and lyrics always makes me feel better. I also like rock and nu metal and I like their videos, Chester's voice, and all members are so cute! LP forever!
I love Linkin Park because of their music, how they aren't scared of trying new stuff musically. it's so good to see a band putting so much energy, love and effort on the music they're making.
Also love the way they write their songs, how every song has its deep message and meaning. They have songs people can relate too and for me that's so important. I also like their personalities, they're lovely human beings with big hearts.. with so much passion for everything they're doing. I love the fact that they're getting involved with not just their music but also their fans, the environment, the world and the people who are living on it. I just love them so much, their music have helped me through many bad and hard times and I'm forever thankful. <3
i like linkin park coz of their songs meanings and most important chesters scream.its like whoa! who can somebody shout in different tones  and for so long
Linkin Park are just different, as you know they use MC/raper (Mike Shinoda) and DJ (Joe Hahn) I don't know if there was another band using Raper or DJ too, but if there was another band who use Raper or DJ I think Linkin Park is better and more famous than that band

I started as Linkin Park fan back in 2001, I love them because of the musc style. I cant describe it I just love it.

And all the members of Linkin Park are great. 

And i love all of their songs and I know the lyrics allmost to all their songs xD and got 5 posters in my house of them :)


Se you guys in Leipzig 18-06-2011


I first listened to LP around 8 years ago. I brought the CD every single day to school & one day the school inspector took my CD away D: but yeah, that's how it started. until now LP is still the best band I've known and m_shinoda is still the best artist there ever is.

right now I have 3 t-shirts of LP, and is planning to collect more of their old CDs.

i love them because so many of their songs describe me and when i'm listening to them its like my problems go away :) and they're so unique and awesome:D they are the best!!LP 4 life!:p
Linkin Park is for me the best band in the world, it's a part of my life I'm listen LP about 2001 and they give me so much with their songs when I'm sad or happy in hard life...



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