My oppinion numb is there best song, whts ur oppinion

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I love them all!! but... From the Inside beats all....
i have to disagree with you on that one my favourite one would be either in the end or waiting for the end
honestly for me... i have no favorite song i just listen to them all cuz its my favorite band and all their music rocks

Weronika Binkowska said:

hmm...pushing me away!! (also in piano version)

pushing me away is an awesome song! the piano one is great too but in my opinion i like it live over recorded

i think {with you} is the best song


What I've Done is my all time favorite. :)

Next are Blackout & When They Come For Me.

Each LP song fits a different mood. I love them! :D

crawling or faint or given up
For me the best song is "Lying from you" and "a place for my head"


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