if you have a chance to net chester. what kind of question you'll ask??

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u guys have a good question to ask... mine is

"hi, chez... do u believe that I'm u r ma uncle???"

i mean, this..

"do u believe that u r ma uncle??"
Mmm, I have 2 questions to ask:
1 How do you get the isnpiration to write and to sing these awesome songs?
2 How do you spend your free time.When you are not on tours and don't have concerts.Do you spend it with the other band members or with your family?
To someone these questions may sound stupid(especially the second one) but this is what I want to ask Chester.
What got you to start whit music in the first place?
Well, I'd definitely avoid questions like "If I kill you, can I join the band?" HAHAHA Who remembers Chaz's reply to that, besides me?

To be serious, I'm not sure. I'd probably ask if he'd like to keep going with Dead By Sunrise. It's an excellent side band. :D
i'll ask "would u marry me??"
LOL :))
Chester you are wonderful .

I wanna to sing with you . plz , specially Let down and Leave out all the rest
Why did he act in both movies of Crank?
I would like to ask him "whether he likes to eat sweets?" My mom makes excellent sweets actually whatever she cooks is excellent n my dad likes to make people eat them. I don't like sweets much. So if he likes sweets I would like to invite him and also the rest of the band members at my place for munching. even my parents will b thrilled. I think he must b crazy about it coz that's y his voice is sugary.
I'd ask

how come LP grew up ?

i`ll ask " wanna take a walk with me?"
one more, why do you keep tattooing you skin?



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