if you have a chance to net chester. what kind of question you'll ask??

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I think I ask him:" When I meet you?"
Well....I would ask him if they come in Greece again cause i want them...When they will record the new album and then i would tell him that i love him sooooooooooooooo much and im his biggest fan..
I'd ask: how does it work with the screaming thing?
I have often tryed it and it's kind of scream but not quite the same like Chester.

PLEASE give me advice!!!!!!!!!
I would like to ask Chester to scream. It would be awesome up close and personal.
LOL ,you should ask my dearest Mike and Robert if they will let you be a menber,hahah

Chmikster Hahn said:
Well, I'd definitely avoid questions like "If I kill you, can I join the band?" HAHAHA Who remembers Chaz's reply to that, besides me?

To be serious, I'm not sure. I'd probably ask if he'd like to keep going with Dead By Sunrise. It's an excellent side band. :D
I have nothing to ask...yet
um probably "how long will you guys continue to make music as Linkin Park?" because i want to know if there will be another album after ATS. i doubt it very much, but i hope so. and i hope they tour a lot in 2011, because i need to see them before they stop making music, or i die, or whatever.

haha, or "would you consider making a comeback when you are like, 90?" :D
wouldn't that be immense!?
first i'll ask him ow can he do these awsome things with his voice ?!
and than i'll ask him you started from zero zand now you're a hero ! how did you do it and you didn't give upople ?!
and finally how does he look to he fans ? a money anda fame source or does he consider us more than that?
WE LOVE CHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's a good question I want to know that,

Angelo Lalo said:
I'd ask him what vocal exercises to practice to develop my diaphragm.



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