Chaz is your favorite member? (:

For me I just sorta knew when I was looking at him, hearing him sing, watching him be a spaz, I just knew he was my favorite. <3

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How can you not love someone who is in TWO great bands, LP & Dead By Sunrise?
The way he is on stage, his voice in all the songs, the weird one he can be when the guys do LPTV and LPUTV episodes lol, he's an inspiration :)
Just before LP, I never really love the music version rock/metal. It's also true that most of them are just a bunch of screamers and that's not my style!

But with Chester, it's different. The first time when I saw him (and LP) was in the video "Numb", not only I loved the song but there was something about our Chazzy Chaz that attracted me. His charisma! He also prove that he can sing and not only "scream" all the time. When I say "scream", I think about the hardcore/screamo band who screams from the beginning of their song 'till the end ...

I also love his big kid side with all his accents! He's so funny!

He's also a very strong and courageous man: his fight with his inner demons prove it! I admire him for that!

I'm so impatient to see him with Dead by sunrise in my hometown (Belgium) and in Köln (Germany) even if I have to be honest, I prefer to see him with Mike: I so love their "Bennoda"! lol
yeah Bennoda is like one of the cosmic forces that makeour life awesome. I neevr really liked rock at all till one day my friend was playing "faint".....i was like WOH WHO IS THAT. Chester's voice just got me hooked right away. he is just such a great man, inspiration, musician and a hero. he's into two brilliant bands which i definitely could not see my life without right now.
How can u not love Chester, He has amazing Voice, he is a awesome person, cares about his work, love his kids and family, cares about the World, willing to always give, his music is full of energy which u can see when he perform in concert for his fans, who mean the world to him. I have been following Chester and LP for way over 10 years and will keep on following them forever. Chester Rules!
My brother had 2 of the LP albums-Meteora and Hybrid Theory.He told that the songs were really cool.I decided to listen to them so I had brought my diskmen at school and listened the albums during the brakes and I liked the songs very much.
And after some time I gradually start to like LP more and more.I can't remember much but I think I liked Mike firt but the Chester .I don't know exactly.
And really gradually I become a fan and now these two albums that my brother showed me and suggested me listen are main and stay with the other LP albums which I have.
well, he is not my favorite, but he is great! This I have to admit!!!!
I saw him on the 2001 MTV VMA's and I was hooked! He is the perfect man! He's overcome so much and he's been a real inspiration to me. I felt as if he knew about all the sh*t going on in my life and, somehow, listeningt o his incredible voice or watching him being all crazy like he is, just made me feel better. Also, he's undoubtedly the hottest man ever!
How can any one not like Chester and Mike ???
I was never at all in to music, but after listening to LLINKIN PARK songs Oh!!! I cannot explain how much I liked them.Its not few of there songs but all of their songs and bands; whether it may be LINKIN PARK or DEAD BY SUNRISE or FORT MINOR. All are simply awsome :-) I like the way Mike raps and Chester screams. Their combo is simply Superb. Its not like any other rock band where only the music is heard and not the singers voice. This band is simply Perfect. 3 cheers 4 Chester and the band. I am proud 2 b a fan.
When i heard his voice and saw the expression on his face my heart broke. man he puts his heart and soul in the music, and that's what it's all about :)
The first time that I heard Chazz's voice was like discovered something completely new and different from the music that I`ve listened before. His voice, his personality and his great sense of humor do it an excellent person and singer and I must say that he is definitively one of my favorites for that :P
Chester is a symbol of hope for all that are experiencing very painful things in life he turned the very painful things in his life into music that gives millions of people hope everyday (i could go on forever all the things i could think of about linkin park are on my page)he is an inspiration and a personal hero of mine and an excellent vocalist thank you Chester


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