Chaz is your favorite member? (:

For me I just sorta knew when I was looking at him, hearing him sing, watching him be a spaz, I just knew he was my favorite. <3

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first time i've seen him was in the video of "in the end"...
and his smile at the end of the video has gone me crazy...totally!
Chester has probably the best vocals in rock at the moment. He is a very talented person, who can really sing live, he plays guitar and he is an excellent lyricist. He puts his heart and soul into his music. He is a genuinely good man who puts others before himself. I can also relate to alot of his darker times in his life. Keep rocking Chaz x
Chester's voice can get through everything in the Earth.
He's the best!
I can not really describe it. I listened to LP already almost a year, before I really saw them in a MTV Video or something. And I knew already this voice... only the voice... and it was great. I had different emotions and feelings when I listened to LP and to this special voice.
When I saw Chester on TV, I was suprised. I didn't really have a picture in my mind how he could look like... but he was amazing. He's so hot and he loves what he is doing. You can feel it in his music. And so the voice got a face it fits so well ;-) Just awesome!
Well just like other people have said i'm not a fan of scremo I don't know why it was never my style of music but when I heard Chester scream it's just different he is just so amazing I can't describe it any other way. His voice has so much emotion. And when their on stage him and the band are just such inspirational people they love what they do. And their music helps you it's true it's like i'm having a bad day so I put some Linkin Park on and it instantly makes me feel better. <3
I have been a fan of the screamers for a long time, but did not know of LP. Until I saw the video Leave out all the rest (Live at Milton Keys). I saw the prettiest brown eyes. Thought he was cute did not know he was a screamer. The transformer movie came out and I heard What Ive done. They said it was LP, and I was blown away.



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