Whats your favorite LP song of all time???? Do you have one or do you like all of their songs???

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Breaking The Habit
With You forever!
every1 is the best ;)
Somewhere I Belong or Breaking The Habit ???
LP <3 <3 <3
Itunes would suggest New Divide, but i beg to differ Itunes! i've always thought In The End is my fav, but they all damn own!
My favorite is Crawling it is awesome!!!!
btw i love all of their songs! <3 LP ROCK!~ ♫ \m/
all of them no hesitation!!
Valentines day shadow of the day and leave out all the rest
leave out all the rest,,numb,,,new divide and lots of.......
today it´s part of me..yesterday faint..tommorow maybe numb..hard to say..everyone is the best!!
I have to pick one? I don't think I can do that LOL. I love all of them.



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