The first time I heard a LP song, I was in a "bad place" on my job...was not happy, felt harrassed by co-workers and was bumped out of a promotion that should have been mine - that I got a few months later....but at the time, I was MAD as HELL!  So.....found an LP song by accident on the internet "Crawling" which led to "In the End", and many others....and the words, emotion, volume etc...spoke to me on a very emotional level.  I had found songs I could scream out loud that echoed the thoughts and feelings I had inside....and I have been hooked ever since!  Love them then - love them now.  Keep on doing what you do!!!!


Thanks so much for the past 10 years of music!!!!!  Kim

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my first song of lp was "in the end"
my bro gave me a huge collection of english songs but i never heard. one day he came n start usin my pc. he played  in the end. he isnt a lp fan but he like some songs.the lyrics struck in my mind n i was lyk "it starts with...... blah blah......IN THE ENNND" in my shitty voice. i searched 4 more n bcm their fan. 
thnks 2 my bro n 2 my amazing lp 4 real music.

My first song I suppose that was... "numb" I was a children but since then, I love the band, and their songs :) His voice... the video and his good sound! made me rethink good feelings ^ _ ^

That was 8-9 years ago. My 8-9 year old son, listening to MTV in his room. Then the yells mom, cool song. And, right after that : flying whale? I went to see what he sees. We heard "In the end" together. Then he look for other songs of this band, on the Internet. He found "Papercut". And the next, and the next ....... As we say: It was love at first whale.______.

my first was place for my head

my first was in the end <3

My firs was breaking the habbit when me and my brother were sitting around the bonfire)

The first song I heard was Leave out all the Rest.  Yeah I know,  I am a beginner,  but I love them.

It was a video and I was like who is that,  and haven't listened to many other bands besides LP

since then.

I don`t remember what I felt when I first heard a song from LP.I only know the song was "crawling" and it was for 10 years ago.In this 10 years all they`re songs helpt me out get away from the dark thoughts in my head.But of course,LP escort my life in every mood - now and forever - It doesn`t matter what other people say to the passion I feel for this group -they are my music gods.

best wishes to ALL LP fans

The first time I heard a Linkin Park song was on the "Billboard Top 50 Countdown" video back in March of 2010. When I got my first iPod Touch in 2010, I needed to find some new music, and so I typed in "Top 50 Songs" into the YouTube search bar. (This was back in January of 2010.) Every single weekend on Saturdays, the new top 50 video would come out, so I watched it. This gave me new ideas on what to buy on iTunes. Two months later, in March of 2010, the song "Waiting For the End" came on the Billboard Top 50 video. All I could think about at that time was how annoying that song was, how the video was stupid, didn't make sense, and how I couldn't wait for the song to get off the charts.. (At this time I was only 12 and had no idea what Linkin Park was. I also didn't pay much attention to who sang Waiting For the End.) This year (2012), my friend told me that she liked some band called Linkin Park. She kept telling me how good they were, and how she loved this one guy called Chester Bennington. So, eventually I went to look up some of their songs on iTunes. I heard "Waiting For the End" and automatically thought "I've heard this song somewhere before, but I don't remember where." I kept thinking about it, and thought I heard it on the Billboard video. So, I went onto iTunes and looked up when the album A Thousand Suns came out. I went back to YouTube and typed in "Billboard Top 50 2010." I went through all the months until I found the one song I was looking for. I knew I heard it before, and I finally found it. Two years later, the song that I thought was so annoying is one of my favorites by Linkin Park.

i cant really tell. i think it was In The End,i was only 5 and didn't know a word in english. my older cousin showed it to me. all i can remember from that song is the coolness of grass growing on the desert at the end of the video. Despite that, i take Numb as the first song i heared because i was old enough to understand it and knew who LP were. I loved it from the start cause i could relate to the situation i was in. My whole life was school, i didn't know what my parents expected of me, i was feeling faithles, i was under the pressure to do well at school, i didn't have many friends... and yes i've become so numb in such a young age... unbelieveable. But with this song i could scream out all the bad emotions. Then i went with the flow of other LP songs which believe or not, i found on my laptop! someone in my family downloaded them or something and they were there all the time buried in files. I couldnt believe my ears when i lstened to all of that :D
Im sure i heared many of those songs through my childhood probably in the radio... so when i started to listen to their music it was suprisingly familiar. this feeling is unexplainable. their songs were in my conscience all the time since i can remember and now i cant find a band that their music was closer to my heart other than LP
and when i discovered that i was born in the same year the band was founded i could'n have been any happier

My first was in the end about six years ago. I fell in love immediately then and now over and over again. I LOVE LINKIN PARK. They saved my life<3

My first was In the End, and since that time, In The End is one of my life's songs and sooooo agree with u Kim  

<3 LP <3   


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