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dude Chester for me have you seen him hes OMG!!!
<3 Chester <3 i mean billies ok but chester is hotter
I like both of them.... bt if the choice is only 1 then chester is obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHESTER without hesitation !!!! ^^
WOW that iz SUPER hard cause i lov LP and GD but i gotta say billie joe hes SUPER hot chester 2
I'm listen Green Day too, but I'm fan LP! Green Day have songs that I can't understand, but Linkin Park I understand everything. Of course I like Chester more and my vote for him!
Who wanna Green Day and Linkin Park sing a song together? It's interesting for me
chester iz more sexiest dan bille joe
CHESTER without hesitation !!!! ^^
Chester:)!! sorry don't like green day very much~~
I agree with you! 

blackygirl said:
thx for the photos :P chester has a baby face :P

It's absolutely CHESTER. I LOVE YOU MY CHICHI <3



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