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Of course is Chester!
Chesterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he is sooooo hooooottttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!
chester of course chester is the best at all hes look hes face hes voice hes every thing
everybody says chester an its the truth that must be believed who says
CHESTER!!! %))) He's sexiest man alive ^^
I agree you

Tenzo said:
I know i'm a guy but me and my girlfriend agree that Chester is hotter! Chaz rocks!!!!
you are right

FortuneLP said:
CHESTER!!! %))) He's sexiest man alive ^^
Ok...in my opinion there is no comparison between Chaz and Billie Joe!Chester is far better than Billie Joe because not only he is more handsome than B.J but also his voice can't be compared with Billy Joe's...!:-)
of course Chester
chester is the hottest singer in the world chester is ma life <3 chester and i like his tattoos


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