Chester has unbelievable voice, and what other reason that make you love Chester?

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He's a very talented man with a great sense of humor, and of cause he has an amazing voice.
when he singing in a low tone it's heard like a ballad pop singer,very smooth,but when he roar it's heard like a heavy metal singer with a growled vocals such as Corey Taylor of Slipknot but with a way more higher tone,like Linkin Park producer Don Gilmore described that Chester's growled vocal style heard like several singer voices put together.That's what i call magic voice that hypnotized tens of millions of people arround the world,once in a billion
Cause he has a truly amazing and unique voice. He writes such meaningful, powerful music with Mike, he inspires me and I can relate to him. =) I think that's it! haha!
he is a gokil man, hakhak.....he really is a quite mad man.he was the first man who can make me laugh with his great humor in a foreign language :-)
and we have some similarities :-*



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