for eg: put me out of my fuckin miseryyyyyyyyyyy...........

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my fav scream is:
i won't waste myself on you!!

i love it!
me to ...<3
i have 2 favorites...:D the fist is that which says ''shut up when im talkin to you'' and the other is the song ''given up''.....His voice is so powerful...full of passion...i love him<3

true man i love him 2..!! his screams r breath taking.!! \m/..
Didn't know I have to reply it here. LOL. I'm such a noob. Here goes:

I love all of Chester's screams. They're all emotional and sexy. XD My most favourite ones are: 'It's you TIME' and 'Put me out of my f**king MISERY!!'

Who could scream 17+seconds long like Chester?!

I have two favourites. The first is obviously in "Given Up" He is God in this song *-* And the second is "Go away..Trying to take the best fo me..!!" from A Place For My Head's song.

He is without a doubt the God of music! Chester <3



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