WELL WELL!!! AT WHAT AGE WAS UR FIRST DRAW..???? ^^ Me was like  3 or 4 years old hehehe and was very ugly hahaha lol! This one was mine hahahahah i found it and i was WTH??? HAHAHA

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about the age of three, it was a drawing of me and my Nanie and Papa, but the look like potatoe people XD

My first drawing was at the age of 3. It was of My mum's Egyptian Arabian Horse, although it just looked like a bunch of scribbles. lol!

i drew my first drawing @ d age of 2 it was a hut n trust me it was pathetic.

awwwwn hehehe potatos!!! haha lol!! hahah bunch of scribbles hahaha awwwwn noo dont say it like that Tanya haha :) but i know we draw better now ...right??? :)

totally! :)

hahahaha yes thx God...hahaha take a minute and imagine if NOT!!??? O.O omg!! hahaha i dont imagine drawing something.... same like the one i made at the age o 3 !! haha 

god, I'd hate myself if I still drew like when I was 3 XD

HAHAHAHAHAHA very very true!!! hahaha xD



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