I used to be an artist before i became a actor, but could we also possibly put music that people created on the wall to? I make music so i would like to share it.

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Songs i made like Deep Down are true it is about cutting and how one night i went crazy and cut myself a giant huge cut across my whole arm and how i hate that i have to lie. I have been in depression for 2 years now in severe depression. I cut i am addicted but i am now on the road to stopping i make songs of mostly Rap and Electronic and Dubstep.

I'll make a song right now since today at my school i found out that one of the students at our school was violently murdered click here if you want to see what happend it will help with understanding the song. http://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-berks/Police-Mom-bludgeoned-...


By Ryan Sullian

Madison...oh Madison i knew you back when

Back in GV we went to child care together you see

I remember your amazing curiosity

And your funny personality

You were one of the nicest most amazing people in Child Care

You would be everywhere i walked

Yeah you girls had a crush

This is a horrible rap

I feel like a dead rat

Picked of its heart and just cut into parts

I walked down the sixth grade hallway

It was as silent as a libary

Except no one spoke you just looked at each other and would moan 

And try to be happy but you can't when you remember her so badly

As badly as this crime

That her mother did

It shocked my eyes when i saw this unspeakable line

That the news put out that shocked all our friends out

Anyways Madison you will never be forgotten

You will never be rotten in our heats 

We will remeber you with love

Rest in Peace.


Madison Evans

11 years old

6th Grade at Wilson West



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