I used to be an artist before i became a actor, but could we also possibly put music that people created on the wall to? I make music so i would like to share it.

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wow!!! awesome!!! :3 hehehe all people have an artist inside...no matter what if u make music, poems, drawings!!! THATS WHAT AN ARTIST DO!!!! SOMETIMES PEOPLE THINK THAT THEY DONT HAVE AN ARTIST INSIDE....BUT I THINK ITS CUZ THEY DONT PERMIT HIM TO GET OUT FROM THE JAR!!! HEHEH WOW REALLY MEN UR AWESOME!!!! WE WANT IT!! :D AND THX!!

same me, Ryan :) Look forward to hearing some of your stuff! :) :) :)

i used to draw but i dropped that awhile ago, studied canines a lot and i still do it but writing songs is pretty much a great passion for me, i love it, so i'll share some songs too :3

Nice words :)


By Ryan Sullivan

Sitting at a desk staring at a wall

Find a way to block this wall

Way to much in my mind just another time

Look at the clock time has gone by I feel so dry

Wondering what the hell happened to all my information

I just need to be in reformation

Just need to think my way around this test

Staring at a white desk where words are written saying

“You will fail” and “Just give it a rest”

No, No! I say to myself this can’t happen

This is too much what the hell is happening to me

I just becoming a lost prodigy of getting good grades

Now just becoming a wasted space of an endless race

Where I am always behind trying to fight this endless time

That’s making my brain explode in half making my senses into a wrath of pain and misery crying out for someone to please help me. Making a rhyme that makes mic’s fall. Help HELP I cry out for help but none of my teachers hear me at all.

I am just lost inside this endless space wondering what will happen to me when I fail this test. I guess no one can see that I am in stress and I just I will give it a rest for eternity.


By Ryan Sullivan

I'll rap till i die

I won't cry

Just say Hi and i will be alive

To rap again in your face and fuck your life

Because tonight’s the end the end to be the best i must protect my identity

Because on the mic' am superman flowing through the words

Making you pussies cry from my crazy rhymes

I don't lie because i am the best the best i can be against my enemies

as ya can see it’s my density to be the best and the best i can be i am just young not tall or strong but on the mic am King Kong. So let me put it all together in a song because once ya hear it the thoughts of taking me down will be gone. I am the next king

but to all my white rappers i stand and say to ya come with me to protect our land against this enemies and come all my rappers whether black or white and tonight

We’ll unite to fight.

My Reflection

By Ryan Sullivan

Sometimes I look at myself I don’t know who I am

Just a reflection in a mirror waiting to escape this fear

Wondering why, while the clock goes by

Thinking of what they will think of me

Trying to get away from this fear

That’s tearing me apart of my body parts

Trying to look normal trying to take control

But it’s so hard to take away this toll I have to pay

To be normal in a way

Taking pills three at once till you are fed up

With life you try to keep your head straight

Finding away from this hate

A puzzle that has no way to leave

No place to escape this cold dark feeling

That washes over me killing chilling my bones

Till all you have left is skin and bones

Trying to help myself in every single way

Till every single day you cry in your bed

Never wanting to see the day again

Praying for a day that will get me away

This is what my friend has been through

So I dedicate this song to you


Nothing Left

By Ryan Sullivan


I am done Kayla nothing is left I feel like death yeah death inside isn't that right when you feel you want to cry you just curl up and cut and lose your mind to the beats of your heart you feel inside. You just hating all the things in your life when you feel so alone and you’re dead inside put a ball in my heart because there is nothing left you can hear the clatter of my empty chest. You can say you don't want me to die but in the inside you feel no hope left your stressed and cut from the inside out just finding a place to seek help. So to end this song on a right note i will just say for my words I wrote that all the things in life don't always go as planned I clearly saw that today when life flashed from my hands.


By Ryan Sullivan

Here’s a little story about my ex-girlfriend Kim

The person that I love deep within

You see me and Kim met through my ex

At the time Kim was dating my friend

I liked Kim the day I saw her

I was stunned by the way I wanted her

Me and my ex broke up Me and Kim talked

We talked and talked for 7 months straight

Those seven months were the best days of my life

Now I am a failure, lost and wrecked

But me and Kim started dating in April

I was the happiest guy in the world

Then things turned when I fell

In May I was at chorus

I collapsed and took a fall

It scared the shit out of Kim

I was in the hospital for as long as I remember 7 hours of none stop terror. I texted Kim hour to hour she stayed up until I got better. She is the best person I know no one is better she is an angel sent down to make me better she is my dream girl I loved at first sight. Well after I fell I fell again on the night of the concert for chorus once again. Kim was crying her eyes out and loved me to death I needed to see her before I was sent to my death. Yeah I was scared I thought I was dying cause of the tests my body was just crying. This is the longest rap I have ever made but it should be the longest since Kim is my babe (Troll).


Well I found out that I developed a sickness from the collapsing they thought I was been visited by my past of disease of epilepsy. “Well no it wasn’t, no it isn’t, NO!, NO!, NO!” I screamed myself to sleep trying to pray I would find out about this sickness in a day. Well it didn’t take just a couple of days no its took 7 fucking months.

Go Away

By Ryan Sullivan

(Goes to What I’ve Done by Linkin Park)



For all this regret

I have shed over a million lives

I feel sorrow for my ways and days

Just messing up, and I want it to go



Just go, JUST GO AWAY!!! (Hold)

I’ve felt this pain from me

It’s all my fault

You’ve just got to go, JUST GO AWAY!!!(Hold)


So you have known the mistakes

From me that I put on you

I messed up but no way I felt come through

So please just come, just come THIS WAY!



JUST GO AWAY!!! (Hold)

I’ve felt this pain from me

It’s all my fault

You’ve just got to go, JUST GO AWAY!!(Hold)




Down Deep

By Ryan Sullivan                     

Feel the pain rushing, touching your skin                                                       

Scraping, tearing making you chill

Till you scream yelling, telling yourself you want it

You want the pain rushing touching your skin making you So scared of what your friends will think when you walk in with torn skin torn up scabs new cuts update where old ones are just looking makes you feel pain in your arm its creeping, slipping toward your trying to make you feel the pain that is down deep inside.


Chorus- Deep so deep inside DEEP SO DEEP INSIDE I want to feel the pain the pain that cuts so DEEP SO DEEP INSIDE DEEEEEEEEEPPPP!! (Screaming when letters are uppercase)


You might think you know but pull up my sleeve and it’s a whole show of my lies maybe I’ll pick from the list that makes me tick just a list of lies that cuts deep inside with lies and ties of never ending try’s to hide your real story of cutting at lunch with your friends wondering “what the fuck”. Trying to hide the pain you feel the pain the pain the cuts so deep down


Chorus- Deep so deep inside DEEP SO DEEP INSIDE I want to feel the pain the pain that cuts so DEEP SO DEEP SOOOO DEEP SOOO DEEP SOOOOOO DEEEP INSIDE!!!


It’s bugging it’s tugging against me not telling my friend what’s against me an evil thing inside my mind trying to eat my life one moment at a time. It’s hard to not tell when you’re like brother to brother and heaven to hell you try so hard to give the hints away but your just wasting time making mistakes every way and days after days your frustrated with yourself and you scream at a wall wanting to kill yourself so you make a song right from the mind a song of hate and a song of crime. You poor hot water all over your face wanting to feel the anger that builds in you trying to kill you and you run into your room take out your scissors and cut your skin till you look at hell and its hard to tell that you were playing soccer because everyone sees it was a mistake by a doctor.



A Race

By Ryan Sullivan

From my way

I’ve felt the days

Pour on and on

Just taking me in an cutting on just tearing me from the inside out. There is no doubt that it isn’t killing me.

I want to be free away from this pain that’s put on me.

But no way I’ve taken it this long.

No doubt, no route that’s taken me to a safe place.

Just another way to face this evil taste.

It’s gone too long to remember its face

Just an evil devil running a race

Against me and my evil mace

Wanting to smash bash it like Thor and his chrome little mace.

But these rhymes spent too much time.

On my evil face so take away my evil taste.

And you left without a trace of a demon running a race.

Goodbye so long this my great day to be, What you’ve seen once in me back when I was free.




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