My Favorite DBS song would have to be a three-way tie between In The Darkness, My Suffering, or Fire. I like the direction Chester went with this project, it was different and a little slow but I extremely loved it.  

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My favourite song is also a three-way tie, except between Walking in Circles, In the Darkness and Too Late (though the last one can change depending on what mood I'm in).

Walking in Circles and In the Darkness just send shivers down my spine. They're so moving and beautifully haunting. Definitely the most played on my iPod!
I like Walking In Circles, too. It makes me feel, I can just break away from the reality, I live in, and look at it, over the problems, over...myself. I can look at myself, find out, what I do wrong and then just try to go further, again.

Next, My Suffering. Although it's not a quiet, easy song, it makes me calm down and realize, bad things, which happen in my life sometimes don't come from me, but from the outside. Rarely, but...

Fire - I've never heard so optimistic song! If some day I come to the point, I can stand and quote these lyrics saying "it's about me", I'll... No, I can't believe it.

Generally, DBS's songs sound great, but they have something more than a 'catchy tune' - true lyrics...
Inside if me,Let down.
All of Them are cool, but this two more closer tome;)
give me your name!
Give Me Your Name and Fire
my fave song by DBS......4-way tie!

-In The Darkness
-My Suffering
-Crawl Back In
mine has gotta be my suffering! i absolutely love that song! and i like crawl back in and fire :) i love DBS! they were amazin live and i would go a million more times! x
fire: I dunno but everytime I hear that song, I just feel happy :D
Inside of me: it's really energetic and the song is really about how I feel so much lately. I totally find myself in it...
Walking in Circles: I loved that song from the first second I hear it.

this is my top 3, but ofcourse the other songs kickass too:D
Let down, Crawl back in and My suffering, love the drums on that one :)
top 3 are for me Into U, Give me your name and Inside of me.
i really love what chester wrote. hope to hear more soom.
I like Fire and Let Down. Fire is a beautiful song. I also love Inside of me. :)
Let down
My suffering


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