My Favorite DBS song would have to be a three-way tie between In The Darkness, My Suffering, or Fire. I like the direction Chester went with this project, it was different and a little slow but I extremely loved it.  

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"IN THE DARKNESS"-is my favorite- that one just grabs me- but i love all the songs :D
I love "in the darkness" and "walking in circles" and a lot of others like "condamned". in fact I love all the album ^^
my favourite song is "walking in circles", this song saith out what I`m felling inside of me
i like very much crawl back in,inside of me, in the darknes

Ummm....difficult question xD

Btw my are:walking in circle,too late,let down,morning after,inside of me and into you ;)

i like most of them. it would be close between let down, fire, inside of me

 and my suffering

im loving dbs hadn't followed this side project. some1 on here had metioned dbs so i looked up some of their stuff on youtube

so glad i had, this album is awesome

I like all of their songs. "walking in circle" is my favourite, because I feel like this sometimes

I love them all, but i find IN THE DARKNESS  very sexy , the words are so deep, and as always Chesters voice is AWESOME, so if i had 2 pick it is " In The Darkness "

My favorite DBS song is Let down. I think Chester is amazing! And I really really like what he did with Out of Ashes. I think those lyrics can't be in a LP album, and that's why Chester takes another direction. He did a great job!

Let Down is te most beautiful song I've ever heard <3 thats my fave DBS song. Others I like are Fire, Crawl Back In, and Morning After. Oh, and Into You. Chester seems to write good songs no matter what band he's in.

Hm, it's hard to choose one, so two best for me are "Crawl Back In" and "Too Late" :)



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