i would cry and be in so much shock that i would recover after years from it i couldnt stand anyone of them dying

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Oh please, don't even think about it!! LP are immortal!

I will cry very hard.. and feeling depressed for a realy long time >< yesterday I had a dream about this... I woke up with a wet pillow under my head!! i don't wanna think about it again.. 

i still could never ever stand it
dnt even talk about, i wont be able to take it, im not a fan of linkin park , im a linkin parker

Oh! Man don't even talk about this =(

It makes me wanna cry :@

LP is just like my family...

If any of LP member would die...I won't resist that....I would cry so hard......I would be in a "BAD" shock.

Linkin Park is my Life ^_^

So smile cause LP is imortal :D

I cant bare the thought, but if one did die, i'd get a huge shock and proberly become one of those mute-depressed people, cant stand the thought of it :'(

Cry for a while and listen to their songs even more than I do today.



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