i like them because their words are so detailed and show you their feelings and the things they like to say through their music

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because their music is the best! they rock hard! :D

and chester is so hot <'33 :D

that's why I love linkin park ;)

Becuase they are really talented ive liked them since meteora but became obssed in 2007 whaen i was ten becuase i like rock and rap witch was going downhill so i looked into linkin park liked what i herd and here i am
i like linkin park because their songs never get old. i can listen to any of their songs a million times, and i would still love that song!! plus their emotions are so real and i can totally relate to them. also, as i grow older, i found myself relating to their songs alittle bit more each year.

chesters hella hot thank you chesterlover!1XD


Linkin Park have grace is their songs...Many people say that LP make depressed/sad songs & I hate that....LP presents the common feelings of tensed people.Their music helps people alot..and they don't make songs only on "LOVE" I think every band/singer makes music of LOVE....so this is my side of veiwing :)

I Love LP Alot!

I'm a LP freaker...

I can die for LP :D

LP is my life!

Linkin Park 4 Eva!!!

'coz they play awesome music plus they rock hard ! <3 totally love them oh they are hot Mike & Pheonix is ccuuutteeee <3


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