Pledge goal $25,000 We had pledged $51,080 Which is awesome!


The white shirt i got as extra How nice are these guys! wasn't expecting it .Also this is my hoodie, one of a kind custom made for me! 


All i'm waiting on now is for them to email the pic of my name on their rehearsal studio wall under amazing DS fans I'll post it when i receive it

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There is still 6 days left so if you could tell your friends about this awesome band and even make a pledge to help them release their new album. You get cool stuff.

Thanks very much

wow 6 days to go and we've already helped raise just over $45,000 thats just awesome. see for yourself. all money raised will help with promoting the new album and touring as well, which i have heard 3 snippets of and it sounds awesome!!

Wow now that they have reached over $40,000, every backer gets their name added to the ending credits once they make video for the new single, Forget You.

How awesome is that.

my name will be on that music video


i wonder how much more can be raised in 5 days the more the better. it will help promote the new album breaking point. which ive heard snippets of and omg its great!!

You can pre-order a copy by making a small pledge to this campaign. So much more cool stuff you can get too. You can pledge as little as $1 but if you want any stuff you'll need minimum pledge of $5 or more.

have a look here at the cool stuff


if we can raise $50,000 by sunday,( currently $45,792 ) the band will make a page on their website dedicated to all the backers of this campaign and it will stay there!!

Also they will write acoustic song about the backers/fans and send it to us

omg these guys realy are so nice

so even if you pledge $1 your name will be on the site!

currently raised $47,253 lets hope we can get to $50,000

2 days left

so close currently have raised $48,480 16 hours left

i have decided to change my kickstarter reward to this how awesome is this!!!!


Amount pledged




 Signed hard copies of EVERY DS album

 3 Unreleased DS demo songs 

A previously unreleased acoustic song by Kyle 

2 Signed handwritten lyrics sheets (songs of your choice)

 2 signed drum music sheets

 YOUR NAME in the Thank You section of the album 

Limited edition DS T-shirt 

  Signed drum stick used during one of our shows

 2 songs emailed to you a week before “early releases” 

 A personal Thank You video from the band 

 Early signed hard copy of album + Early album download

Signed band photo + DS sticker + DS shot glass (plastic) + DS guitar pick 

 we’ll write your name on our rehearsal studio wall in permanent marker under “Amazing DS Fans” and email you a photo

Awesome we have 2 hours left and we did it we currently have raised $50,220

Now every backers name will be put on the fan site and it will stay there! my name will be there!!


awesome final total raised $51,080 ! thats great!

well panic over for me now. When kickstarter had ended, my pledge payment had failed i was like wtf? been trying to sort it i really didnt wanna lose all my rewards (that i listed earlier in this forum) my card wouldnt work for some strange reason. i was in pure panic.

haha i never used to like my boyfriends mum very much but hell i do now she well n truly saved my a** she let me use her credit card to pay for it, and ill give her the money.

so all is great now! im getting my cool stuff

cant wait for it


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