With them having no record label, they really rely on fans to help with promoting. Would you like to join the DS Army?


 Send them your name, address & phone number (in case they wanna call you & thank you for an awesome job of promoting).

How awesome would that be, to get a phone call from them!

Also if you use facebook or twitter, you can always help promoting that way as well. Thats what i'm doing just now and i have been thanked so many times by each member of the band.

Digital Summer will love you for all the help.

Thanks so much for helping guys.

Depending on where you live, there MAY BE a customs charge on the package. I'm not sure but i will let you know.


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I have signed up to the street team. im currently waiting on my promo stuff being shipped out. I will let you guys know what is included in the package when i recieve it.

DS are starting to ship out my promo stuff. which is so cool. also they pay the shipping charge so u shouldn't have to pay anything.

This is what they will send, flyers and stickers.im not sure how many they will send yet but ill keep u updated


i got sent some promo stuff with my merch that should keep me going until the rest of my promo stuff arrives


I'm so excited right now. I had asked this question to DS http://fburls.com/95-klmxjpfC

And i have been chatting with ian! This is the email he sent me.

so heres what im thinking... ill send you a large package of promo items (soon hopefully), and all the European DS Army people that sign up through this email, ill forward to you. you can keep track using Excel (windows) or numbers(mac) if you have any of those programs, and ill show you how i keep track of it all. And you can do the send outs as you get the requests. will something like that work for now? That way it still keeps me in the loop with the intial requests from DS Army members and gives me an idea on how many packages are going out.

If it starts to get bigger (which im sure it will the way you promote!), we can figure out another plan, maybe creating a separate DS Army email for International members? and just have you run it completely on your own down the line.

let me know your thoughts, or if you have any ideas of your own

Talk to ya soon,




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