We can use this forum to discuss anything related to digital summer or tragedy machine.

What are your thoughts about them?

 Which song / album is you fave?


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I found out about them a couple of weeks ago and I love them :) I saw that they are accepting donations so they would be able to release their new album ^^ I love the things you can get when giving them some money :)

i have backed their campaign i have chosen reward

my name in thanks section of album, early signed hard copy of album & early download

also ill get a personal thank you video from them. i also added an extra $30 to buy 2 of their limited edition tshirts which look so awsome .

Awesome! How much did you spend on everything?

$155 but not sure if i need to add international shipping on to it  im waiting for digital summer to get back to me.

u can donate as little as $1 it all adds up currently we have raised over $45,000 so far with 6 days to go how awesome is that!! check it out here  http://t.co/2eZEvIAy

These guys are so nice the amount of times they have tweeted me saying thnx. also they are making me a custom hoodie too which is gonna be so cool, one of a kind !!!

wow! amazing ^^ it's nice that they appreciate it :)

yeah they are such nice guys. Im happy to try and help them. doesnt mean i love LP any less but these guys just need support.
Rositsa Ivanova said:

wow! amazing ^^ it's nice that they appreciate it :)

I've only known bout DS for a week now and im hoping to find out more about them. So what do you guys know about them?

you can tell kyle & ian are brothers, they look so alike.

Digital Summer is an unmistakable five piece band originating from Phoenix, Arizona.  Made up of heavy/melodic guitars and raw emotional vocals, Digital Summer creates an edgy, powerful, yet soothing tone for a radio friendly world. Influenced by multiple music genres, Digital Summer is a rock band to the core, not a “trend” by any means. Digital Summer has made an impressive impact on the music scene with their professional song writing ability, aggressively entertaining live show and seemingly endless promotional antics

In the bands first two years since forming in 2006, Digital Summer has accomplished many things most people say cannot be done without a major label. Their first single ‘Whatever it Takes’  has not only made it into regular rotation on several major market radio stations (98Kupd AZ, Rock1061 GA, Banana1015 MI…just to name a few), but was in the “Top 4 Most Requested Songs” for over six weeks straight on 98Kupd. ‘Whatever it Takes’ is also one of the top requested songs currently in rotation on Sirius Satellite Octane 20.  Aside from becoming the largest drawing unsigned rock band in Arizona (maybe the Southwest), they’ve also shared the stage with the likes of Alice in Chains, Godsmack, Deftones, Sevendust, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Theory of a Deadman, Tantric and many more.  Digital Summer has been featured in multiple publications and gained an enormous amount of press for their noticeably insane work ethic, including making the cover of the Phoenix New Times. The first music video by the group for their song ‘Rescue Me’ not only features fire trucks, ambulances, and a helicopter; but has the look of a half million dollar major label video.  While major label record deals and offers haven’t ceased from making their way to the band, Digital Summer has currently only chosen to sign a marketing agreement with MySpace Records thus far.

Digital Summer is not your “typical” rock band by a long shot. Regardless of their demanding professional lives outside of music as fire fighters, paramedics and teachers, they have managed to capture an unprecedented audience, stake claim in an unstable industry, and distribute over 100,000 copies of their original EP. All while selling thousands of copies of their self-released full length album ‘Cause and Effect’.   Moving into 2010 the band are back with their second full length release, ‘Counting The Hours’, and they are looking to continue their incredible rise as one of the new forces in modern day rock.   With no end in sight for their success, Digital Summer is not merely looking to establish themselves in the music world, but REDEFINE how it’s done altogether.

Do you wanna ask Digital Summer any questions they have answered another one of mine!

How nice are these guys,

Q: Can i get a signed band photo to add to my kickstarter incentive if i increase my pledge? As its not included. I've already increased my pledge $30 to get two Tshirts. katrina B
A: that wont be a problem, when we contact you after the campaign is finished, just mention it again. we'll be sure to get you taken care of! Thanks for the support! ~Ian

yeah Kyle writes all the lyrics. so many great songs



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