What is your fav. Song from Fort Minor?
And why? :)

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My favorite song from Fort Minor is Feel Like Home!
Because i don't know, this music is very good!
Get me gone & Remeber the Name..
why - hmm cause they are so cool =)
My fav FM song is "Slip Out The Back".
The lyrics touch me deep in my heart and they helped me out of a very depressing time.
This song will always mean a lot to me ♥
Slip Out the Back.
It calmed me while I was going through a very traumatizing experience, and the song is just absolutely amazing. ♥
EVERY song...hm...but i think at the moment i like "the hard way","slip out the back" and "there they go" the most ;)
oh...and i dont know why...sometimes i think "the hard way" discribes my life a bit...but only when im in a bad mood :D
I really like Cigarettes and 100 Degrees.

Mike sounds badass.
i love the hard way and where'd u go
i love so much PETRIFIED and BELIEVE ME...THERE THEY GO...oh i simply love all their songs <3<3
every song is good, i like all, but my fave s - "Where'd You Go", "Slip Out The Back", "The Hard Way" , "Remember The Name" & ..... Cover and Duck from We Major :D :D
My favorite song by Fort Minor is The Hard Way, because it shows a darker side of Mike.
My fav songs are ( Red to black ) , ( Slip out the back ) & ( Remember the name ) ..
Cuz they are really good songs



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