well Greenday have got amazing songs they r so nice !! the music the lyrics ... just cool > they have so much albums but from all those albums sure u have a special song u love listen to it first so what is it ?? or r they ???

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i love them all specilay !: boulevard of broken dreams , 21 guns , monority , basket case , warning , holiday , american idiot , wake me up when september ends , know ur enemy !! ................. and alot more >3
I have a lot. I couldn't remeber all of them i guess some are 21 Guns, Jesus of Seberbia, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake me up When September ends, Homecoming, Whatsername, American Idiot, and many others. I don't think all of them will fit. Also, I found this video on youtube, it remix's Linkin Park's New Divide, and Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams, What do you think about it.

sorry but i couldn't open it and I remember that i told u there is No You Tube in my country !!:@

now i'm hearing it and it's so amazing i love it !!

Of course every song :)


But the most "Good Riddance/Time of ur life, Minority, Letterbomb, Poprocks and Coke, 21th century breakdown, American Eulogy,at the library..."  

Could write the whole night long^^

my favourite songs is two.

holiday and 21 guns

ahh, by the way, their side project band "Foxboro Hot Tubs" is aaaawesome too  ;D




oh my, love it sooo much (like Green Day) it makes me craaaazy ...   !!!


<3 Green Day forever <3

My fav r Jesus of suberdia holiday American idiot boulevard of broken dreams and 21 guns



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