My last discussion has gone =/

so i'll do another one XD


Hotness scale


1- A candle

2- An oven

3- a VERY hot day

4- Hot water

5- Fire

6- Volcano

7- Lava

8- Hell

9- The sun

10- Gods perfect creation!!!!

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Replies to This Discussion

no probs ;)

Maziecat said:
Aw, thanks...

Silenced Angel said:
Aw, why mazie? Coz i think (from your personality) that you are atleast a Volcano!!! =P

Maziecat said:
Just got lowered to a one.
Lava me thinks haha :)
haha yeah, i agree, if not a bit more ^_^

Chance Thomas said:
Lava me thinks haha :)



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