Do you think Hybrid Theory is till now the best album of Linkin Park?

Give your opinion!

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nope. its a great album but minutes to midnight is better.
Minutes To Midnight ¡¡¡ It's The Best album ,, Was released In one of the most beautiful ages in my life ,, MTM have amazing songs but I Don't like so much Hands held High and In Between but is steel the best But Hybrid theory is 2nd In My List :-)
Difficult question, I guess for a LP fan from the very first hour it will always be of particular importance,and therefore the best album

I think Hybrid Theory is the 2nd best album and I would put it second to Meteora.

Hybrid is an amazing album, and I remember listening to it when it came out and it blew me away

That sound, called Nu Metal at them time, was new and so excited, as it combined so many styles.

We didnt really have too many bands combining rap, metal, electronic music all into one style.

They blew the MTV awards 2001 away with One Step closer live, you should check it out

Yea in my opinion Hybrid Theory is always the best, and after HT, ATS :D

Yes,I think is better and Reanimation but i like all albums of them.



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